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Overall layout of the National Rail customer base

In the field of railway rolling stock, for training, rolling stock, traction power supply, freight logistics and other business scenarios, Yunda can provide four major solutions: smart training, smart operation and maintenance, smart traction power supply and smart logistics. Each of the four solutions consists of n core sub-products and related services.

Among them, the core products of intelligent training solutions mainly include: train driving simulation training system, dispatching simulation training system, station watchman simulation training system, passenger crew simulation training system, whole train practical training simulation training system, high-speed railway multi-tasking comprehensive training system, etc.

The core products of intelligent operation and maintenance solutions mainly include: locomotive operation safety and fire monitoring system, locomotive automatic video monitoring and recording subsystem, locomotive travel section fault detection subsystem, locomotive fire monitoring subsystem, locomotive remote detection and diagnosis system (cmd), cmd system section-level application system, locomotive crew status detection and early warning reminder system, harmonious locomotive fireless state return power supply device, stock automation management system, safety interlocking monitoring system, locomotive preparation operation integrated management system, locomotive service equipment and facilities management system, locomotive maintenance operation management system, dynamic set preparation operation management system, dynamic set operation and maintenance integrated intelligent control system, train 360° appearance image inspection system, intelligent logistics, etc.

Training business scenarios

Smart Training Solutions

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Vehicle business scenarios

Intelligent O&M Solutions

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Traction power business scenarios

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Railway transport business scenarios

Smart Freight Solutions

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